New type of wind generator calculated by Latvian scientists


Who needs it?
   It is very simple. The inventor turned to scientists in Riga (Latvia) to calculate mathematically his invention of a wind power generator. The results surprised the scientists themselves. Efficiency of the wind generator appears to be about 0,8 (fig. 11). The power of such wind generator at 11,2 m/s (fig. 8) is about 110 MW and at 30 m/s up to 1500 MW.
   Thanks to its design the wind generator starts working at 1 m/s, at 3 m/s it generates a bit more than 5 MW. According to calculations there is no limit of wind speed. And the most surprisingly, even though theoretically, the wind generator can operate persistently at 0 m/s in no-wind conditions. It is planned to make a model and to blow it in aerodynamic wind tunnel in order to get actual results.
   The results of experiments regarding aerodynamic wind tunnel as well as articles of Latvian scientists on this topic will be published later.
   That's a coincidence ... It turns out the processes occurring in air are similar to processes occurring in the water. It implies that this type of wind generator SK-120MGVT can be an excellent heavy-duty hydroelectric plant. There is no need to build huge and expensive dams, thus also preventing human intervention in river ecosystem. Fish can move freely without any hindrance while going upstream to spawn.
   There can be put 10 hydropower plants of type SK-120MGVT for 10 kilometres of the river with a total capacity more than 1500 MW, spending a total of about 100 million EUR.
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